Graduates 2017-2018 Spring 2018

Senior Profile: Yunyi Zhu (Japanese Studies, 18)

ZhuThe study of Japanese is the skill set that Yunyi Zhu pursued during his four years at the College of William and Mary, thanks to the enthusiasm of Japanese Study program professors. He especially benefited by studying abroad at Keio University and counts that experience as one of the best memories of his life. In Keio, he found his hall and classmates to be as fascinated with Japanese culture as he. He also made many friends who worked hard with him and, together, they spent a great deal of time practicing the Japanese language and exploring the culture. They all appreciated the fact that Tokyo is a charming city that attracts people from many cultures. Upon his return to W&M, he completed the 400-level Japanese classes. However, he is excited to know that more knowledge about Japan and its culture awaits him after graduation.