Elizabeth A. Laird

Lisa LairdThe German Studies program each year awards the German Book Prize to that student who best exemplifies the rigor, passion, and sustained engagement with the discipline during her four years at Willam and Mary. Our winner this year not only took Rob Leventhal’s German 310 Advanced Grammar and Stylistics course her very first semester at W&M, she also studied at the RWTH Aachen after her  first year at William and Mary, doing independent research on Arnold Gehlen, and went on to study at the Universities of Muenster and Cardiff her junior year. Two weeks ago, Lisa defended her very fine Honors Thesis, a comparative study of the Sinta and Roma in Wales and Germany, THE MODERN EUROPEAN: AN ANALYSIS OF ETHNIC MINORITY IDENTITY IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY, achieving High Honors. This year’s German Studies Book Award goes to Elisabeth A. Laird. Congratulations Lisa!