Graduates 2017-2018 Spring 2018

Senior Profile: Hannah Gourdie (French and Francophone Studies, ’18)

GourdieThrough the French and Francophone Studies program, I’ve learned invaluable communication skills and deepened my knowledge of cultures abroad. Through my courses and with the support of fantastic professors and classmates, I’ve engaged with texts, art, and film from around the world, which has enriched and diversified my education. My mentors in the department challenged me to find the intersections between language, culture, history, and art, which has fundamentally transformed my worldview.

I’m excited to take what I’ve learned through my experiences in the program with me after graduation. I will be staying at William & Mary for the next three years to complete my law degree. I am planning to practice at the intersection of public interest and family law, and I believe that my knowledge of French will open up many opportunities for supporting families with roots abroad.