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Hispanic Studies Alumni Update: Kyle McQuillan


As a first year PhD student in Spanish at UNC Chapel Hill, I have been able to apply all of the skills I gained as a Hispanic Studies major to navigate my multifaceted role as a graduate student. More specifically, my roles include reading a list of canonical works of Iberian and Latin American literature to prepare for my comprehensive exams next spring, taking three graduate courses a semester, and teaching accelerated introductory Spanish for undergraduates. Thanks to the wide variety of classes I took as an undergrad, I have already read about a fifth of the required reading list for my comprehensive exams. I was also exposed to a wide variety of teaching styles that have helped shape my own approaches in the classroom. Finally, I have found that my time at William & Mary taught me to write well, apply a broad range of theory, and think using interdisciplinary techniques that have made me successful in my own coursework. The Hispanic Studies Department at William & Mary has given me skills that can be translated into any number of career paths after I graduate, whether in academia, non-profit work, or various of governmental agencies.