Alumni Updates Alumni Updates: Hispanic Studies

Hispanic Studies Alumni Updates: Morgan Sehdev


I am currently in my second year at Harvard Medical School, where my degree in Hispanic Studies has been more useful than one may imagine during a year of clinical rotations. This year, I have been able to apply my knowledge of medical interpretation and real world experience from interpreting on the Eastern Shore that I gained during my time at the College to give a lecture at the medical school, advising students how they may better interact with interpreters and patients that don’t speak English. I have spoken Spanish with patients and families on a weekly basis, communicating with them on behalf of my team while we await interpreting assistance. And I have been able to apply my knowledge of cultural studies and how cultural representation changes a person’s worldview to better understand immigrant patients and how they perceive their care and diagnoses. I have used my experience with cultural humility from my major to teach a psychiatry department on the nuances of cross-cultural psychiatry. The Hispanic Studies department and my experiences within the department have prepared me to be both a better student and better caretaker this year. I believe that in the future, my time in the department will enrich my career as a physician, whether it be my additional clinical research or the patient population I work with.