News: Japanese Studies Spring 2019

An Inspirational Teaching and Learning Experience

Ziyue Shen, Class of 2019

From professors to students, everyone I have met in my three years of Japanese studies has inspired me to become a TA and to share this cordiality. My job as a TA is to assist professor Kato in teaching JAPN 201 & 202 while simultaneously learning teaching skills in MDLL class. During my year as a TA, I have repeatedly asked myself how I can foster my students’ interest in Japanese studies. My most delightful moments come when they laugh joyfully about the interesting videos I found and when they tell me they enjoy coming to class. When exams and due projects have exhausted my students, I let them practice conversation activities with their peers as an engaging way of learning. Perhaps the best thing I have experienced as a TA is to teach and also to learn along with my fellow students.

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