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J-House, a Lasting and Influential Experience

Rollin Woodford, Class of 2019

The Japanese House has been my home away from home ever since my sophomore year. An upperclassman who was living there at the time told me about it, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me.  Having spent 4 years in high school studying Japanese, an environment where I could continue speaking it daily and improve sounded like a dream.

It wasn’t until I actually moved in that I realized the full benefits of living in J-House.  Having a live-in tutor who became not only a great resource but also a friend was invaluable. Living in J-House also allowed my language skills to improve several-fold, bringing me from intermediate level to N2 Japanese Language Proficiency. I was also able to make real, lifelong friends with all different kinds of people along the way. The community of J-House is very close-knit, which is something that almost every other dorm in college lacks. Without it, my entire college journey would have been completely different, and I wouldn’t know the many people that I can’t imagine life without. Because of that, I’m forever grateful for having been given the opportunity to live in J-House.

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