Graduates 2018-2019

Senior Profile: Griffin Vasile (Chinese Studies ’19)

Throughout my time at W&M, my Chinese major has completed a metamorphosis from relatively quirky secondary interest to an active and formative part of my life.  It has influenced not only how I have chosen to spend my time these past four years, but also my outlook on the world moving beyond them.  My journey studying Chinese language and culture has directly led me to several of my most treasured experiences and relationships and will surely not come to an end with my graduation. Highlights of my experience during my time at W&M include all eight of my semesters of Chinese language study, my time studying abroad in Shanghai, countless friendships, a solo trip across China, and the pleasure of getting to know the wonderful faculty of the Chinese department, a group of individuals whom I cannot praise highly enough.  Following graduation and a few months of traveling in Asia, I will be working as a financial analyst in New York City while independently continuing my Chinese studies.  It is my hope that my life path leads me back to China in some capacity and I look forward for what is to come.

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