Graduates 2018-2019

Senior Profile: Natasha Mortensen (Chinese Studies ’19)

My experience being in the Chinese program for these past four years has been very rewarding. Since the Chinese department is one of the smaller ones here at William and Mary, it felt like a tight-knit community where I could get to know all the professors and students more personally. I have taken many language classes here and really enjoyed the small classroom settings as I was able to learn a lot more and communicate with other students. In addition, the professors in this department are all incredibly knowledgeable, enthusiastic about the topics they teach, and have always been willing to support me as a student. One of the best memories I have is when my professor was kind enough to invite and pay for the entire class to go to dinner together at a restaurant, which shows how the Chinese professors truly make an effort to connect with the students beyond just the classroom setting. I have learned many invaluable lessons and skills as a Chinese major at this school and I hope to be able to apply these lessons to my future graduate studies and my career.

Natasha Mortensen crop