Graduates 2018-2019

Senior Profile: Lydia Funk (French & Francophone Studies ’19)

While I never anticipated pursuing a degree in a foreign language when I arrived at William & Mary, the French Program and the Department of Modern Languages has become my home during my time at the College. I love the richness of the courses offered in Washington Hall, and benefited from both the Italian and Arabic programs in addition to my French major. Within Francophone Studies, I’ve studied in both France and Belgium, and have been blessed with incredible professors who have supported me through challenges and triumphs..I will always be grateful for the lessons I’ve learned with Prof. Magali Compan, whose cross-cultural classes helped develop my critical thinking so much; the fascinating conversations about language acquisition I’ve had with Prof. Angela Leruth; and for Prof. Giulia Pacini’s infinite wisdom and guidance as my advisor over the years. The multilingualism and cross-cultural curiosity that I’ve seen espoused in this department is an inspiration, and I’m excited to carry it with me next year when I move to France to teach English to secondary school students.

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