Graduates 2018-2019

Senior Profile: Miranda Carpenter (Hispanic Studies ’19)

Many people think “oh you’re fluent in Spanish, so how are you feeling challenged in Hispanic Studies?” Let me tell you. Every class I’ve taken has been a new experience. I like to describe this major as a bunch of different topics, but in Spanish. Hispanic Studies provided me with a vast range of knowledge about subjects such as poetry, feminism, dictatorships and trauma, plants, interpreting, racism and prejudice, and even economics. I’ll never forget how my professors all made an impact on how I view the world, as they all had passion for what they were teaching, which made me care about it as well. I’m not sure what the future holds, but I know I would eventually like to work in something that makes me care as much as my professors do about teaching. My dream job would most likely involve travel to Latin America, helping underrepresented Black and Latinx communities, and/or children.

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