Graduates 2018-2019

Senior Profile: Rui Yin (German Studies ’19)

I began studying German my freshmen year at this college. Thanks to the excellent professors in German department, I was deeply intrigued by the fascinating world of German literature, and was wholeheartedly committed to major in German and German Studies. What fascinates me the most, of all the excellent experience the German department has to offer, was the opportunity of delving deep into a culture that was previously unknown to me. Indeed, language is more than a means of communication; it conveys thoughts, emotions and feelings.  I still remember the amazement of reading Goethe’s Faust; that poem describing Osterspaziergang will stay forever in my mind, for I was deeply touched by it. Indeed, how different languages can strike you and move you emotionally in different ways is truly incredible. I am genuinely grateful and thankful to have met to every professor and student here in the German department; thank you for teaching me and inspiring me with the charm of German studies.