Graduates 2018-2019

Senior Profile: William G. Neely (Hispanic & Arabic Studies ’19)

My involvement with the Hispanic Studies department at William & Mary has been one of the most gratifying and enlightening journeys of my undergraduate career. From courses on grammar and vocabulary to more intensive seminars on the Francoist regime in Spain, the Hispanic Studies discipline has challenged my abilities and exposed me to new perspectives. Outside of my major, however, I have also been able to explore a plethora of different interests by taking classes in the Arabic department. Further, W&M’s Modern Languages department has provided countless ways to directly engage with foreign cultures. I have had the distinct pleasure of traveling to the Basque Country, Andalucía, Morocco, Havana, and the Sierra Maestra in Cuba all through the department. On the domestic front, I’ve had the opportunity to teach Arabic language classes and publish journalistic articles. Thanks to the opportunities afforded to me by the department, I look forward to utilizing my experiences next year as a master’s student at the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy and in my future endeavors..

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