Graduates 2017-2018 Spring 2018

Senior Profile: Josh Greenfield (Interdisciplinary Studies [Linguistics] and Russian Studies, ’18)

GreenfieldIn my few years here, I’ve been as active a participant in three separate departments within Modern Languages, and would have gladly done more if it was possible to cram so much into such a short period of time. My absolute favorite thing about each of these departments are the professors that are so glad to see young students taking interest in their language and that possess such a passion to help students succeed in any endeavor, whether it’s related to the subjects they teach or otherwise. I’ve gone to a few professors during their office hours with questions, and have come out with so much information that I had no idea what to do with it all, and I’m so glad to have been able to learn from such passionate and caring people. My plan for the next few years is to continue my language studies by teaching English in the countries where my target languages are spoken (per the advice of one of the previously mentioned professors) before ultimately enrolling in graduate school in order to become an interpreter and translator.